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Zorelli to Perform at N Street Music

ZORELLI is a multi-instrumentalist, Caribbean, Latin jazz and reggae band.

The group has recently released their newest CD entitled "Zorelli" and is playing a special intimate house concert at N-Street Cohousing on Saturday, July 7th at 8pm. This show features Wendell Fishman on keyboards, Rick Montgomery on steel-drum and kalimba, Keith Cline on saxophones and electronic wind instrument, Darren Virassammy on bass, Andrew Enberg on drums, Ron Cowden on guitar, and Warren Jones on percussion.  The new CD "Zorelli" includes original compositions by Fishman, Virassammy, and Cline and will be available to purchase.  Core members have played with a diverse range of musicians including Jerry Garcia, John Tchicai, David Grisman, and Joe Craven. They have been part of numerous bands including: Punch the Clown, The Free Association, The Archetypes, Akimbo, and the Nibblers.  The friendly and engaging setting of the N-Street Common House at 716 N Street makes for a powerful way to appreciate this stellar act.  Music samples from the new CD and upcoming show listings can be found on their Facebook page "Zorelli Music", and also their webpage

$10 suggested donation

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