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Benefit for Ben Davis, 8:30 pm Saturday, February 23rd

N Street Music will host a benefit house concert for Ben Davis on February 23, 2013. This musical evening will showcase three local Davis bands:  Ryan and Jon Davis, the 5-cent Redemption Band, and the Telling. The proceeds will be directed to helping provide the daily care needed for Ben as he continues his life-giving research of treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Ben Davis is a wonderful father, husband and brilliant scientist who has dedicated his career to groundbreaking research on the causes and treatment of emphysema and COPD. In 2008 Ben was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular degenerative disease that has taken an enormous toll on his body, yet he remains passionately invested in helping others through his research. Ben is now wheelchair bound and communicates via a laptop computer, and requires full time care. His family has provided critical support both at home and in the lab. Yet it has reached a point, as Ben's condition has progressed, that financial demands have become extreme.  In discussing the challenges that his illness has presented him, Ben has expressed real frustration - not on behalf of his own needs, but in not being able to help others.  Indeed, even while struggling with his own illness he remains passionately and steadfastly committed to alleviating suffering and extending quality of life for others. Ben is truly a man of remarkable spirit.


The musical evening features three local bands:

Ryan and Jon Davis

Ben’s brothers, Ryan and Jon, will be stepping out to perform … they don’t know what!!

5-cent Redemption Band

The 5-cent Redemption Band is an acoustic folk rock band reclaiming the good ones and firing out new ones; most recently seen at local Davis hotspots such as the Domes, Luka’s b-day party, and Joel’s BBQ.

The Telling

With a high and lonesome soulful sound, the Telling bring a message to the musical world that explores the roots and branches of the tragic and hopeful American experience.


For more information about Ben and his groundbreaking research, please visit:

For more information about Ben’s story, please visit:

Visit for more show information and email for reservations.

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