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Paddy Keenan

What a great show! A recording exists... stay tuned
Paddy Keenan Returns to N-Street! Apr 21, 2011 from 07:30 PM to 11:00 PM Common House,
Paddy Keenan brings amazing Irish music back to N-Street. He is widely known as a world class Uillean Piper.
File MP3 audio The Lost and Found, The Hag at the Churn, The Wind Off the Lake
A traditional arrangement by Paddy Keenan. The first and third tunes are from James Kelly supposedly discovered on an old recording of Michael Coleman. The middle tune is from a 78 of Leo Rowsome. Paddy puts together a cohesive movement and it showcases some of his piping style, exceptional in timbre, rhythm and Irish musical sensibilities.
File MP3 audio Brother John, The Pavee Jig
An original tune by Paddy inspired by the passing of his older brother who Paddy describes as the musical genius of his family. Paddy recounts John playing the banjo and fiddle when he was a toddler and teaching him how to play an old Clark's whistle when Paddy was seven years old. This is a powerful piece that moves elegantly and seems to capture John's ability to play any instrument with grace and power.
File MP3 audio The Wild Irishman/The Sailor's Bonnet
From Paddy's latest solo album, this reel is an excellent showcase of the consistency and flair in which Paddy can play. LISTEN TO THIS ONE!
File MP3 audio The Swallow's Tail
This song showcases Paddy's proficiency beyond the pipes, an energetic and rhythmically robust piece on the flute.
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