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Live Recordings

File Back Up the Canyon (live)
An original song by Cedar Seeger about where he resided in the Trinity Alps during the 70s and 80s. Dwight Howard on Bass. Cedar's son, Tobia, joins him on lead guitar. Both Seegers claim they never actually played the song together before, but osmosis through genes might actually be possible. From August 22nd, 2009. Thanks to Aaron Buchholz for recording this song.
File Famous in Davis (live; from 2nd verse)
As recordings often do not go as planned, we caught this original tune by Cedar Seeger, accompanied by Dwight Howard on bass from August 2009. This was the first attempt to record anything in the Common house, and the song is too entertaining not to include here. Cedar lives outside of Winters and could not resist the urge to ironically dig at typical Davis culture. Missing from the song is the first verse about the lady who snored too loud and was arrested sometime in the 90's. Special thanks to Aaron Buchholz who engineered the recording.
File Fly Baby (Live)
Rosemond Jolissaint with new band came to Davis recently and knocked out this fantastic original song.
File Frog in Cold Water (live)
A self explanatory piece by Cedar Seeger with Dwight Howard on bass. The interesting part of this song is that the audience learns the chorus, which is fairly long, and sings along. When people sing together the neurons of their brains fire in synchronicity and this matches the artist's brain in pitch and rhythm. This recording is an example of how community minded people search out opportunities to align together thus creating a backup harmony (sort of). Perhaps someone will find some time to mix this more effectively, but for now the affect is fitting N Street. Thanks to Aaron Buchholz for engineering.
File Sun Go Down (live)
Clarence Van Hook is a blues journeyman who has retired to a ranch in a beautiful undisclosed valley near Davis. He is a powerful innovator, classic voice and stellar guitarist. His show on Sep 4th, 2010 was memorable. He shared his stories of a blues that is on par with the greatest that ever has ever been heard and backed it up; relaxed and full of enjoyment. This recording was meant to capture an old era, much appreciated in these complicated times. Michael "Mudcat" Gnapp on the bass, and J. Cedar on lead guitar gliding us through another amazing night in the common house.
Ital Souls Feat. T-Rosemond "No Woman No Cry"
January 2011 live video in the N-Street Common House
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