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Performers Page

A list of featured artists and links to their web-based multimedia. A way to get in touch with artists and performers who have become friends of N-Street and made us love them when they shared their talent.

Alice Di Micele

The Axelrod Ensemble

Axelrod, Carey and Foss MySpace

Bear Dyken

Boca Do Rio

Boca's Website

Boca's Facebook

Boca's Myspace

Belle Francisco

Laura's Facebook

Clarence Van Hook

youtube of Clarence


Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor Wiki

Dave McAsey

Daves McAsey's Website

Dave Nachmanoff

Diane Patterson

Gabe Lewin

Gabe's Facebook

Globes on Remote

Globes' website

Globes' Myspace

Globes' Facebook


Hardwater Website

Hardwater Myspace

Hardwater Facebook


Ital Website

J. Cedar

Cedar's Facebook

Jennings and Keller

Jennings and Keller Website

Jennings and Keller Myspace

Jennings and Keller Facebook

The Mad Cow String Band

Mad Cow MySpace

Mad Cow Facebook

Magic Brook

Matt Taylor and His Laurels

His Laurels' Myspace

His Laurels' Facebook

Meklit Hadero

Meklit's Website

Meklit's Myspace

Meklit's Facebook

Meklit's Wikipedia


Mudlark's Website

The Notorious Shank Brothers

Shank Bros Website

Shank Bros Facebook

Paddy Keenan

Paddy's Website

Paddy's Wikipedia

Rex Richardson

Richard Hensold

Dick's Website

Rosemond Jolissaint AKA T-Rosemond

T-Rosemond's Website

T-Rosemond's Facebook

Sarah Tone

The Souterrain

Souterrain Website

Souterrain Facebook

Tha Dirt Feelin

TDF Website

TDF Facebook

Tobia Seeger

Tobia's Myspace

Tobia's Facebook


The Sweet 100s

The Syncopaths


The West Nile Ramblers

West Nile Facebook

Wyatt Hesemeyer

Wyatt's MySpace

Miss Lonely Hearts Website

Miss Lonely Hearts Facebook