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N Street Music Guidelines

N Street Music Guidelines

  1. Respect neighbors and common house residents

    1. Any show going after 11 needs approval of all potentially impacted neighbors

    2. During the show communicate the following rules

      1. Be quiet in hallway by bathroom

      2. No smoking in the backyard

      3. No loud talking after 10pm in the front or back

      4. Don’t wander the community unless you know someone

      5. Do not go out side door in kitchen after 10pm

  2. Keep the community in the loop about upcoming events via email and solicit feedback

  3. Friday, Saturday shows recommended, weeknight shows require approval of all potentially impacted neighbors and appropriate timing (10pm)

  4. Post confirmed dates to the hard calendar, G-Cal and .org website

  5. Book acts that are appropriate volume IE heavy metal is not suitable for a night show

  6. Book acts that bring a respectful crowd, the goal is active listeners and not party mode

  7. Close all the windows and doors at 10pm during the show

  8. Clean up the common house after the show, dump recycling in the morning

  9. Tables taken outside should be tarped in wet weather

  10. Provide sound for the performers, PA, 2 vocal mics, drum mic, stands chords

  11. Provide or arrange for drinks to be available

    1. Appropriate public terminology is “libations” or “refreshments available for donation”

    2. Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian at the concert, and suitably supervised

    3. Snacks, cookies, tea is a good idea as well

  12. Arrange for a door person, and publically display show cost as “suggested donation”

  13. N-Street residents in good dues standing and/or willing to assist with the show do not have obligation to pay.

  14. Non-paying entrants shall defer good seats to full paid entrants

  15. Determine if the show is dance or seated and arrange the room appropriately

  16. Move the foosball table or cover so no one can run into it and get hurt

  17. Promote the events to local media with a press release and photo to the following:

    1. KDRT

    2. KDVS

    3. Sac Bee

    4. Sac News and Review

    5. KVMR

    6. CBS good day sacto

    7. Davis enterprise

    8. Davis Patch


    10. Facebook

    11. N street website (update performers page after the show, post pictures and MP3s)

  18. Community fund receives 10% of net door proceeds (after promotional expenses covered), Performer(s) receives the rest

  19. Sound system can only be operated by trained personnel.

  20. Sound system can be loaned on the following conditions

    1. Borrower is trained on the sound system

    2. Borrower has had 10 or more hours time with sound system

    3. Borrower has been determined to be capable of independent operation of the system by the concert co-ordinator

    4. Borrower provides $2500 guarantee in case of damages, loss etc

    5. Borrower provides some form of compensation TBD by concert co-ordinator and borrower based on the type of event and income

    6. Borrower must set the system up in the common house after the show and get confirmation of concert coordinator that the system is fully operational before release of $2500 can be achieved

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