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N Street Goals

Eleven guiding goals of N Street.
  • Maintain a common house and develop other facilities that meet the priorities and needs of the evolving community.
  • Develop an attractive, safe, integrated, ecologically sound, and friendly village atmosphere that meets the needs of children and adults.
  • Develop and maintain group processes, including celebrations, rituals, and decision and policy making that encourage participation, social interaction, emotional support and diversity.
  • Welcome diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnic/cultural background, economic status, and occupation.
  • Pursue policies, attitudes, and practices to conserve and share resources and lessen the community's negative impact on the environment.
  • Help make members feel at home in the community through established institutions.
  • Maintain affordability within the community.
  • Participate in activities and decision making that affect our neighborhood and local environment.
  • Help other communities grow.
  • Encourage cooperative child care and after school activities for community members.
  • Encourage people to get more involved in the community, not just participate in structured activities (play and hang out).
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