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FAQ, mission statement, goals, photos.


Frequently asked questions about our community.

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Guiding Principles

Introduction: In communities using consensus, principles help guide members in their individual and group decisions and actions. These principles provide insight into the values of N Street Cohousing. They provide guidance but are not rules that bind all future community decisions

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Consensus Process Policy

Decisions by consensus: The goal of our consensus-based decision making process is to govern with the support of community members in an efficient and friendly manner. The process uses thoughtful discussions, is inclusive and welcoming of all members’ perspectives, and attempts to reach a decision that can be agreed upon by all. The process fosters compromise and progress while maintaining an equal voice among all members. However, in the rare case when consensus is not possible, and after a block resolution process, a decision can be made with a 66.67% super-majority vote.

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Mission Statement

The N Street Cohousing mission statement.

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N Street Goals

Eleven guiding goals of N Street.

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Photos capture life at N Street then and now.

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